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Dear Circ...

Friday, October 7, 2016

How do I get more time to use an item...??

Dear Circ,

I checked out this really long book and now it’s due, but I’m not done with it. I’m really enjoying the book and I want to finish it. What do I do?

Wendy Wordsworth

Dear Wendy,

We like our patrons and we want them to enjoy the materials that they borrow. If your item is due and you’re not done with it, call us and we’ll see if we can renew it. That means you get an additional lending period, another week for a one week item, two weeks for a two week item, three weeks for three week item. If no one is waiting for the item we should be able to renew it. There are a few exceptions. If your fee balance is over $5, we can’t renew. You need to get your balance under $5 first. If you have renewed the same item previously, we can’t renew it. If you bring it back, we may be able to check it in, and then check it back out to you, but we can’t do this over the phone, you will need to physically bring the item in to us. Last,  as we mentioned earlier, if someone is waiting for the item, i.e. they have put a “hold” on it, so it’s their turn next, we also can’t renew it for you. You always have the option of returning an item late, but you will accrue a late fee on your account.

Just so you know, you can log into your account through our website, and renew items that way too. Just remember the same rules apply. One renewal per item, no fee balances over $5, and if someone is waiting, the item won’t be renewed. You can do this 24/7 from anywhere you have internet service. The only down side, is you won’t be able to say hi and chat with us!


Dear Readers,
Are you wondering about the image above? No, this person is not "Dear Circ" and is not employed by the Roselle Public Library. Nor is she a patron of ours, although she does appear to be a book lover! The person above is a famous author. Place your mouse cursor on the photo for the name of the author. For more information, go here.

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