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Dear Circ...

Friday, December 2, 2016

How do I put a hold on new, popular fiction...??

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"If you want to understand today,
you have to search yesterday."
Dear Circ,

I love books and libraries are one of my favorite places to visit. Like most readers, I have several favorite authors, and I try to never miss a book written by them because I know I'll be happy. But when I find that one of my favorites has written a new book, and I go to put it on hold, I always find a long list of other patrons ahead of me. I guess I'm just not keeping up. Can you help me find my new books?

Frustrated Franny

Dear Franny,

We're assuming that we're your favorite library, but we'd hate to think we are the cause of any frustration in your life. Libraries should not be frustrating! So let us fix it for you. We think we have just the ticket.

We have a service called "100 Best Sellers." Adult Services has compiled a list of  100 popular authors that are currently publishing. Once an author makes it to the list, Adult Services is committed to buying any new book that is written by these authors. All you have to do is tell us which of the authors are your particular choices.  If one of your choices writes a new book, Adult Services orders the book, and generates a hold list made up of all the people who have signed up for this author.  Adult services will mix up the order of names so the same person doesn't get the book first every time.  When the book copies come in, Circ will automatically put a hold on your account for the book in the order given to us by Adult Services. When your name comes up, we'll notify you either by e-mail or phone (your choice) that your book is waiting. You can sign up for one author, all 100, or any number in between!

So what do you have to do to make this happen? Stop by the library and pick up a brochure, fill in your information and pick your authors and leave it with us, we'll take care of the rest. We have brochures by the new fiction, or at the Adult Services desk. Or you can make your choices on our website. Give us your name, your library card number, how you can be reached, and pick your authors, then click on send. That's all there is to it.  Problem solved... ! 


Dear Readers,
Are you wondering about the image above? No, this person is not "Dear Circ" and is not employed by the Roselle Public Library. Nor is she a patron of ours, although some readers think her books are thoughtful and inspiring! The person above is a famous author. Place your mouse cursor on the photo for the name of the author. For more information online, go here and here.   For things to check out, try our catalog.

Do you have questions about the Roselle Public Library? Want advice about how to manage your account? How to find things? Want to know more about what we can offer you? Or worse, are you just lost in library jargon, and not even sure what to ask? Here's our forum for how to get the most from us, your local library. You can submit questions online to Dear Circ, or, as always, in person, or by phone (630-529-1641). Posted questions will be anonymous. Responses reflect the policies and programs of the Roselle Public Library, and may have no relevance to the policies, services, and procedures at any other library.

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