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Dear Circ...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How do I find out who is in the image...??

Gilbert H. Grosvenor Collection
Prints and Photographs Division
Library of Congress
Dear Circ,

I'm really enjoying this blog. I'm learning new things about the library with each post. But  the best part of each post is the image. Each one is just fascinating. They make me think about things that I probably wouldn't think about, for just a few minutes. Sometimes, that's the only time I have to think about something different!

Anyway, my question is this: I read the posts on my smartphone. So I can't just put my mouse on the photo to find out who the person is, because I don't have a mouse! How do I find out who is in the image?  Why don't you just put the name of the person in the caption?

Smartphone Stu

Dear Stu,

Gee, we're just blushing while we write. Thanks for the praise! But to be honest, the ins and outs of libraries, while important to our patrons, can be deadly dull.  So to get around that little problem, we mixed in a little history, a little fun, a few bad puns, and some really great pictures. That way you also get a taste of the "magic in box" that a library really is.

We also see you've caught on to our little mystery game.  Just for fun we thought we'd let readers "discover" the identity, rather than just laying the answer out in the caption, a minute mystery for you to solve.  Ok, we admit it, it's not an Agatha Christie novel....  But it's a little more fun than just reading a caption, don't you think?  And maybe, just maybe, you'll be inspired to think about something different and enticed to explore something new.

As for your smartphone issue, well, in the process of devising the game, we never thought about the fact that the game wouldn't work with some technology platforms, like smartphones or tablets.  And since receiving your question, we've been searching for a solution, but have been unsuccessful.  However, the answer is still within your reach and not much more work than a mouse hover.  In each post, there is a paragraph below the "'Circ" signature that talks a little about the image, and there is always a link or two that provides more information about the individual in the photo, or about the photo itself.  The links are the prize in the bottom of the box. So follow the links and get more information than you ever expected, along with the identity!


Dear Readers,
Are you wondering about the image above? No, this person is not "Dear Circ" and is not employed by the Roselle Public Library. Nor is he a patron of ours; it's certainly not Stu and his smartphone. The person above is a famous inventor and scientist, with ideas that extended far beyond the phone. Place your mouse cursor on the photo for the name of the inventor. Left click the image for an enlargement. For more information about this inventor, go here. For digital images of some of his extensive writing, including actual laboratory notebooks, go here. For items to check out, try our catalog.

Do you have questions about the Roselle Public Library? Want advice about how to manage your account? How to find things? Want to know more about what we can offer you? Or worse, are you just lost in library jargon, and not even sure what to ask? Here's our forum for how to get the most from us, your local library. You can submit questions online to Dear Circ, or, as always, in person, or by phone (630-529-1641). Posted questions will be anonymous. Responses reflect the policies and programs of the Roselle Public Library, and may have no relevance to the policies, services, and procedures at any other library.

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