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Dear Circ...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What is Tech...??

Dear Circ,

I recently checked out a DVD, a movie that I was really interested in watching. Unfortunately, it skipped and skipped and finally just locked up. When I returned it the person at the desk, they said they would send it back to TEK, whatever that is. What is TEK? What will they do? Can I get the DVD back when it's done?

Cyrus Cinephile

Dear Cyrus,

TECH is short for Technical Services, made up of the unseen folks who take care of a host of services, such as processing new materials and physically getting them ready to go out for patron use, entering information about each new item in the catalog, changing information in the catalog, mending or repairing worn materials, and when the appropriate library employee decides "it's time",  withdrawal of an item from the catalog.  Tech is also in charge of our website, our equipment and works with the "unseen" items in our library, the downloadables.  Tech is small but mighty!  You may not see these employees very often, but they are very important to our library.  They process every item available to our patrons.  Some folks refer to them as "the brains of the operation."

For example, in the case of the DVD you returned, someone in Tech will check to see if the disc plays on our equipment, check for scratches, make sure it's clean, and if possible and necessary, put the disc through a buffer to try and remove scratches and improve the polished surface of the DVD.

As for getting your selected DVD back when Tech is done, of course you can.  When you have a problem with any of our materials, you always have a couple of options.  You can request that we put a hold on the item so that when Tech is finished with it, we'll call you and let you know it's ready.  The other option is to talk to Adult Services who will see if it can be requested from another library. All you have to do is ask!


Dear Readers,
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