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Dear Circ...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How do I volunteer at the library...??

"I WANT something to do."
Tribulation Periwinkle, 1863

Dear Circ,

My children are grown, I'm not working, my husband is gone all day, and frankly, there are only so many times I'm really interested in cleaning my refrigerator. Truthfully, I'm not really interested in cleaning my refrigerator at all. Housekeeping ain't no joke.

One of my friends suggested that I consider volunteering. I do have extra time, and I've got a lot of energy. Unfortunately, hospitals make me sick, animals are not really my thing, but I do love libraries. Is there something I could do at the library? I'm sure I could do something useful, who knows what I could do?

How do I volunteer at the library?

Violet Teer

Dear Vi,

Volunteers are important to us! They help maintain the library in so many ways and there are always opportunities for volunteering. The most important thing about volunteering is making sure that the fit is right, that we find people with the correct availability and skills, and the people who do decide to volunteer are happy and committed to doing what they have volunteered to do.  To make sure that the person fits the task, the best way to start is to talk to us, specifically with the Library Business Office.  The Business Office is responsible for volunteers and coordinates the process of volunteering.  So you can call (630-529-1641) and ask for information about volunteering, and we'll make sure you connect with the right person.  Or you can look over our Volunteer Application, fill it out and get it back to us.

There are also other ways to volunteer, by getting involved with the Library support organizations.  You can join the Friends of the Roselle Public Library, who do important work supporting the library through fund raising.   Or you can get involved with the Roselle Public Library Foundation, who  help ensure the Library can meet the needs of the future.


Dear Readers,
Are you wondering about the image above? No, this person is not "Dear Circ" and is not employed by the Roselle Public Library. Nor is she a patron of ours, or one of our volunteers. The person above is a famous author, as well as someone who did her share of volunteering. In fact, her volunteer nursing experience provided the substance for her early literary success. Place your mouse cursor on the photo for the name of the author. Left click the image for an enlargement. For more information about the author, go here and here. For items to check out, try our catalog.

Do you have questions about the Roselle Public Library? Want advice about how to manage your account? How to find things? Want to know more about what we can offer you? Or worse, are you just lost in library jargon, and not even sure what to ask? Here's our forum for how to get the most from us, your local library. You can submit questions online to Dear Circ, or, as always, in person, or by phone (630-529-1641). Posted questions will be anonymous. Responses reflect the policies and programs of the Roselle Public Library, and may have no relevance to the policies, services, and procedures at any other library.

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I love your "Dear Circ" series. They are cleverly done, and I'm amazed at the number of topics you have found to cover! I am informed and entertained.

Thanks for your kind words! We really appreciate them. We're especially glad that you are learning more about our library as well as having some fun at the same time.


p.s. If you have any questions or topics on which you'd like more information, by all means feel free to ask Dear Circ....
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