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Dear Circ...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Do you have math kits too...??

Photo by Konrad Jacobs, Erlangen
Dear Circ,

All my kids like science, but my little girl just loves numbers. I don't know where she's heading, but there's something going on there. I'd like to encourage her any way I can. I read about the science kits. Did you include math too? It's an important tool no matter what direction a kid wants to go.

Norman B. Ase II

Dear Norm,

We agree wholeheartedly, math is a foundation one can't afford to be without, whether they're heading into pure math, science, or any number of other areas, like economics, banking, accounting or business. And math can be fun and interesting too. Everyone loves a puzzle! So we have several math kits ready to go. We hope your little girl likes them as much as we do!


Dear Readers,
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