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Dear Circ...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My kid likes to connect the dots...??

"We assume that knowledge of science is
the prerogative of only a small number of human beings,
isolated and priest-like in their laboratories.
This is not true."

Dear Circ,

My daughter is interested in everything, but she seems to be most interested in how things connect together. How does gravity affect ocean tides? How do ocean tides affect sea creatures? How do sea creatures affect beaches? How do beaches affect climate? How does climate affect us? The kid just loves following a trail! But from what I've heard about the science kits, there isn't any one kit that will help with that kind of thinking. Am I missing something?

Maria, Mom of a Dot-Connecting Kid

Dear Maria,

You haven't missed anything. The kind of thinking that you're describing crosses boundaries, and in the beginning, that's not easy to do. You need to know about lots of different things, and then make the connections. In some cases, the kits have already followed a path, like the circuit kits or the anatomy kits, and in other cases, the kits are more fundamental, like the simple machines kits, although simple machines were not discovered and understood all at the same time by the same scientist. It's all part of learning about science. We think your daughter would be best off trying ALL the kits.


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