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Dear Circ...

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What is science literacy...??

"Science literacy is an important part of what
it is to be an informed citizen of society."
Dear Circ,

I was talking to my neighbor and he was telling me about these science kits you guys are going to have at the library. It sounds like a pretty good idea, these kits, fun for the kids, and a different way to learn. But then he started talking about science literacy, and how important that is. I'm not sure that I got what he meant. I know literacy is important, we are crippled in this world when we can't read because it helps us learn and think. But what's science literacy and why is it important?

Questioning Quinn

Dear Quinn

Well, if you look up science literacy, you'll find it's kind of nebulous, with different ideas and terms from different people. But what science literacy is really about is knowing enough about science to make decisions, decisions that you need to make in your everyday life.

While the importance of science in our daily lives may not always be obvious, we actually make countless science-based choices each day. For managing our health and well-being, science literacy plays a key role. Whether we’re choosing products to consume in our daily routines and considering their impact on the environment, or making informed decisions about our health care, science plays a part.

Science literacy also helps us understand how we interact with our environment, asking questions and seeking answers. This question-and-answer process lies at the heart of knowing and doing science. It’s a way of thinking and knowing about the natural and physical components of the world we live in. And that helps us be responsible adults, able to protect and care for ourselves, our neighbors, and yes, future generations, those grandkids and great-great-great grandkids. Science literacy is the foundation of an innovative culture and can be found at the core of significant political decisions.

So whether you're deciding to eat broccoli or potatoes, who you're going to vote for, or picking a way to get from here to Nebraska, science literacy can be a deciding factor in what you choose. We hope our science kits help our kids acquire science literacy, at the same time as finding out how much fun science can be.


Dear Readers,
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