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Dear Circ...

Friday, April 21, 2017

What is Volunteer Appreciation Day....??

Photo courtesy of Brennan Gauthier
Dear Circ,

I saw a poster in the library lobby, talking about Volunteer Appreciation Day, and a long list of names. What's that about? Who are those people?

Curious Charlie

Dear Charlie,

Volunteer Appreciation Day is the day when we say a public thank-you to our volunteers and volunTeens, acknowledging their contributions and hard work through out the year. They contribute their time and skills, adding to our library in so many ways we can't even begin to write them all down. The long list of names you saw are all the people who have helped us out this year.

Volunteer Appreciation Day will be held on Sunday, April 23, 1:30 - 3 pm. We'll have refreshments and we have also scheduled Musical Sunday to coincide, so we'll have some festive music to add to the event. Don't forget to stop in at the book sale, organized by the Friends of the Roselle Library, another group of hard-working volunteers!

So come on in, and say thank-you to our volunteers. Because they help!


Dear Readers,
Are you wondering about the image above? No, this person is not "Dear Circ" and is not employed by the Roselle Public Library. Nor is he a patron of ours. The person above is a famous poet, author, playwright, and painter. He was also a famous volunteer, having served in WW I as a volunteer ambulance driver. Place your mouse cursor on the photo for the name of the author. Left click the image for an enlargement. For more information about this person, go here. For more information about famous literary figures as volunteers in WW I go here. For items to check out, try our catalog.

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