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Dear Circ...

Friday, June 9, 2017

Can adults participate in Summer Reading...??

"An idea is salvation by imagination"

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Dear Circ,

I came into the library after the week-end and there's all these new things posted about summer reading. What's this all about? Can I be involved? Why would I want to? What do I do?

L. Dar Reeder

Dear Dar

A lot of people think that Summer Reading is only for kids. Summer Reading is a great program for EVERYONE and everyone can be involved! Kids probably reap the most important benefits because summer reading helps kids improve their reading skills and that's important for their futures.

So if you're not a kid, why be involved? Adults may find the program useful because it provides the opportunity of a themed program that may get them out of their "comfort zone" for a book or two. When we reach a certain age, we pretty much know what we like to read, what sparks our imagination, what takes us where we want to go. But for summer reading, our Adult Services librarians develop a reading suggestion list that is built on all their years of experience, they give you the best of the best. The summer reading list is a road map to a new area that you might not have explored, a mental byroad you never traveled, an adventure for you that can be interesting, exciting, maybe even inspiring! You'll learn something new about a topic, and you might even learn something new about yourself.

To complete the summer reading program for adults you need to read or listen to five books from our collection. Our theme this year is "Reading by Design." Normally we expect that one of your five books be related to the summer reading theme, but this year we're making that optional. You can read books related to our theme if you're looking for something new, we do have a reading list, but you don't have to read a design-related book if you don't want to. And keep in mind, our definition of design-related is very broad!

Along with a new area to explore, Summer Reading has giveaways for adults: a completion prize for finishing, and drawings for all kinds of great stuff at the end, just for doing what you like to do! That's a deal!

All you have to do is sign up, either online, or in the library. This week we have a special sign up table in the library, downstairs in the atrium, but you can stop at any desk, Circ, Adult Services, or Youth Services (upstairs), anytime, and we'll get you signed up. Keep track of what you read this summer and turn in your list to Adult Services before July 31.


Dear Readers,
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